About us

The Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes is established and organised by the Law on Amicable Resolution of Labour Disputes (”Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia 125/04, 104/09 and 50/18”). It is the first institutionalized service – a separate Government organization – that deals with the amicable settlement of individual and collective labour disputes. The Agency is the only specialized institution that deals with labour law.

Agency is organized as a separate organizational unit, with 8 employees managed by the Director. The Agency has no special services, groups or divisions.

Article 9 of the Law on Amicable Resolution of Labour Disputes stipulates that the operation of Agency shall be managed by the Director.
Based on the decision on the selection of conciliators or arbiters, the Agency Director issues a Decision on entry into the Directory of conciliators and arbiters.

The Decision on challenge of conciliator or arbiter shall be passed by the Agency Director upon the notification of the conciliator or arbiter and upon request of the party to dispute, not later than 8 days after the reasons for the challenge have been disclosed. The Director shall be appointed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. In the event of absence of the Agency Director, the Deputy Director shall act as the Agency Director. The Deputy Director is accountable to the Agency Director. Civil servants and state employees are accountable to the Director


-In individual disputes: termination of employment contract, working time, payment of subsidy for annual holiday, salary payment, compensations and payment of minimum wages, workplace discrimination and harassment, severance payment on retirement, reimbursement of expenses for meals at work, reimbursement of expenses for commuting to and from work, payment of jubilee awards.

-In collective disputes: conclusion, amendments or implementation of collective agreement and general act that regulates rights, obligations and responsibilities of employees, employers, and trade union, right to form and to join trade union, right to strike and right to be informed, consulting and participation of employees in management, determining the representativeness of trade unions at the employer, establishing minimum working process.

-The procedure is conducted in accordance with the main principle of voluntary participation. In the activities for the common good, where it is obligatory to ensure minimum work process, it is possible to deviate from the principle of voluntary participation. In order to provide impartiality and expertise, conciliators and arbiters shall be recruited by a public announcement whereas their selection is performed by a six-member Panel of Socio-Economic Council of Serbia. The list of selected conciliators and arbiters is published in Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia.


Ensuring observance of rights at work and promoting social dialogue.


Common interests of employees, employers and society at large:

  • Free of charge and efficient access to justice in which parties resolve disputes in a professionally conducted procedure, within 30 days.
  • Relieving caseload pressure on the courts and thus enabling fair trials within a reasonable time frame, this being one of the preconditions for EU accession and the interest of the citizens of Serbia.
  • Promoting social dialogue, with the assistance of an impartial and professional conciliator who helps social partners to harmonize relationships and reach win-win solutions.
  • Preventing and reducing the number of strikes by active, appropriate and timely cooperation between the Agency and social partners, with the aim to overcome the current problems.


Leading institution for harmonization of labour relations and safeguarding of social peace and right to dignified work.