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Agreement reached on the settlement of the collective labour dispute in the company “Autoprevoz” from Kikinda

17. 08. 2020.

The collective labour dispute regarding the exercise of the right to determine the representativeness of the union with the employer in the company “Autoprevoz” from Kikinda ended with the Recommendation on the peaceful settlement of the dispute and the signing of the Agreement on resolving the dispute between the founder, employer and the union. The procedure for the peaceful resolution of a collective labour dispute before the National Agency for the Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes was initiated by the Branch Trade Union of Public Transport and Utility Services “Nezavisnost”.

Once again the representatives of the employer, founder and the unions in the company “Autoprevoz” from Kikinda gave an example that a social dialogue between employees and the employer, through the procedure of peaceful resolution of labour disputes and in accordance with the recommendation of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, could be used for resolving disputes.