Collective labor dispute at the „SvetiLuka“ Hospital in Smederevo resolved by an Agreement signed by both parties

10. 09. 2021.

A collective labor dispute at the „SvetiLuka“ General Hospital in Smederevo was mediated by the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labor Disputes and resolved by an agreement signed by all parties. The collective dispute was raised on the occasion of application of the Special Collective Agreement. PredragPlavkić was the assigned conciliator in this case.

After five hearings, a Recommendation was signed on the way to resolve the collective labor dispute. The Agreement on resolution of the collective labor dispute (to be integrated into the collective agreement) followed the Recommendation, so that all disputed issues were resolved. The employer at the „SvetiLuka“ General Hospital and participating trade unions („Sloga“ at the „SvetiLuka“ GH, Trade Union of Nurses and Medical Technicians at the„Sveti Luka“ GH, and Trade Union of Employees at Health and Social Service at the „Sveti Luka“ GH inSmederevo) have shown that social dialogue between employees and employer can result in proper solution, since they opted on peaceful resolution of dispute in line with recommendation of the Government of Serbia to resolve disputes peacefully.