Collective labour dispute in Radio Television Kragujevac ended

20. 03. 2016.

Through the mediation of the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes employees and administration of Radio Television Kragujevac have today concluded an agreement which ended the collective labour dispute over unpaid wages and contributions.Representatives of the employees and employers have signed an agreement under which the conditions were met for the employees to return to work and Radio Television Kragujevac to continue with an efficient operation and broadcasting.The conciliation procedure was initiated by the employer, with the consent of the other party and doc. Dr. Bojan Urdarević was appointed as the conciliator.The conciliator formed The Conciliation Committee, which consisted of delegated representatives of workers, the employer and the conciliator.Only two days after the first hearing was held, the conciliator has made the Recommendation, according to which the agreement was signed between the employees and the employer and which ended the dispute in the best possible way.Upon the issue of the Recommendation and the signing of the Agreement, the conditions for continuation of the efficient functioning of RT Kragujevac were met, to the satisfaction of both parties in the dispute.The director of `RT Kragujevac’ and union representatives showed how to properly discuss social issues between employees and employers, opting for a process of peaceful settlement of the collective labour dispute, instead of a long and costly litigation.