Collective labour dispute in the Health Centre in Gornji Milanovac ended

19. 12. 2017.

Owing to the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes, an Agreement on PeacefulSettlement of Collective Labour dispute was signed in the Health Centre in Gornji Milanovac on 30November 2017. The issue was resolved within 5 days, after only two meetings of the ConciliationCommittee.

The collective labour dispute over the application of the Special Collective Agreement was initiated by theTrade Union of Health and Social Care ‘Sloga’, in the Health Centre in Gornji Milanovac The subject of thedispute involved the work conditions of the Union, rights of the trade Union representatives and rights of theemployees in the Health Centre Gornji Milanovac.

After the second meeting of the Conciliation Committee, Dragana Miletić, the acting Agent of the Agency,helped in reaching the agreement between the parties of the dispute, and it was concluded peacefully. TheActing Director of the Health Centre-Gornji Milanovac Aleksandar Čivovic, and the president of the TradeUnions ’Sloga’ Divna Simovic Šijakovic, signed the Agreement on the Peaceful Settlement of the CollectiveLabour Dispute.

Representatives of the employer of the Health Centre in Gornji MIlanovac and the Trade Union of Healthand Social Care ‘Sloga’ showed how the social dialogue between the employees and the employer is to beheld in the proper way, deciding on the procedure for peaceful settlement of the collective labour dispute,and in accordance with the recommendation of the Government of the Republic of Serbia to resolve suchdisputes through institutional mechanisms.