Final training for conciliators and arbitrators held

02. 12. 2022.

The Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labor Disputes held the Second Interactive Training for Conciliators and Arbitrators in 2022. The training on "Labor disputes in practice" took place on December 2, 2022 at the “Serbia” Palace in the presence of a large number of conciliators and arbitrators.

The Agency Director, Dr. Ivica Lazović, welcomed the participants and emphasized the importance of continuously holding such events where conciliators and arbitrators have the opportunity to improve their knowledge, exchange experiences and gain new knowledge related to the current judicial practice.

Brankica Janković, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, presented the Commissioner's scope of work to the audience with a special focus on protection against discrimination, as an area we pursue together, but also highlighting the upcoming intensive cooperation. She emphasized that there was plenty of room for cooperation between the Agency and the Commissioner, referring to a project to be implemented next year in partnership between the German GIZ, International Labor Organization, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality and the Agency. Jovan Protić, the ILO coordinator for Serbia, introduced the participants to the current activities of the International Labor Organization.

An inspiring lecture on the topic of preventing discrimination at work and related to work was held by prof. Dr. Ljubinka Kovačević from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade.

Dr. Marjana Trkulja, a psychiatrist from the "Dr. Dragomir Karajović" Institute of Occupational Medicine of Serbia, spoke about abuse at work, its recognition and prevention, as well as the consequences it leaves on individuals and the working environment in general.

A particularly interesting and useful part was an opportunity to learn about the current case law in the field of labor disputes, which was elaborated by Predrag Trifunović, a retired judge of the Supreme Court of Cassation and Dr. Bojan Božović, a judge of the High Court from Novi Sad. Prof. Dr. Živko Kulić, conciliator and arbitrator of the Agency since its foundation presented his experience in peaceful resolution of labor disputes to the participants.