ILO certificates and plaques of the Agency were awarded at the final training

17. 12. 2021.

On 17 December, the final training for conciliators and arbitrators in 2021 was held, at which certificates from the International Labor Organization Training Center were presented to participants who attended the training from 6 to 8 October, as well as plaques for contributing to the development of a legal concept of peaceful settlement of labor disputes.

The Republic Agency for the Peaceful Settlement of Labor Disputes and the legal concept of peaceful settlement of labor disputes are in constant development in our country, said the Agency Director Ivica Lazovic, emphasizing that we could be proud of the support of social partners, primarily the representative trade unions and employers, as well as the third party in the social dialogue, the Republic of Serbia, which contributed primarily through the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs. The plaques were presented to the president of the Association of Branch Trade Unions "Nezavisnost", Čedanka Andrić, the president of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Serbia, Ljubisav Orbovic, and the president of the Association of Employers of Serbia, Miloš Nenezić. The presentation of the plaque was also planned for the Minister of Labor, Professor Dr. Darija Kisić Tepavčević, who was prevented from attending the gathering, so that the plaque would be presented to her at a later date. The state secretary Dr. Stana Božović addressed the audience and on behalf of Professor Kisić Tepavčević. She greeted the participants and emphasized the importance of the legal concept of peaceful settlement of labor disputes as a great civilizational achievement.

Mr. Jovan Protić the national coordinator of the International Labor Organization spoke in the continuation of the training for conciliators and arbitrators, and after him, the first block of training was run by prof. Dr. Bojan Urdarević. An IDC representative, Milena Šoškić, informed the participants about the planned activities in the oncoming period. Aleksandra Stanković spoke about resolving conflicts from the psychological point of view, and the Constitutional Court Judge Lidija Đukić spoke about the latest case law.