Joint recommendation on a peaceful settlement of the collective labor dispute signed in Dijamant, Zrenjanin

19. 09. 2022.

Mediated by the Republic Agency for Peaceful Resolution of Labor Disputes, a joint recommendation was signed on how to resolve a collective labor dispute in the "Dijamant" d.o.o. company in Zrenjanin.

The procedure before the Agency was initiated by the Trade Union Organization of the "Dijamant" A.D. regarding the implementation of the collective agreement. The employer, "Dijamant" d.o.o. Zrenjanin, agreed that the procedure should be resolved peacefully before the Agency. Živko Kulić was appointed as the acting mediator. A conciliation committee was set up in accordance with the law and included representatives of the parties to the dispute as well as an acting conciliator. After three sessions, a joint recommendation was adopted recommending the way to resolve the disputed issue.