Management PE “Post of Serbia” accepted the peaceful resolution of a labour dispute

10. 04. 2017.

The Management of the Public Enterprise “Post of Serbia” has given approval to a collective labour dispute with the Union of PTT of Serbia in order for the strike to be resolved peacefully in the proceedings before the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes and has agreed with the proposal of a Trade Union that the conciliator should be docent dr Bojan Urdarević.The Trade Union of the PTT of Serbia initiated the conciliation procedure before the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes regarding the strike dispute. The Main Board of the Union decided to go on a warning strike on 19 April, since the PE “Post of Serbia” is required by the law to carry out activities in the public interest and that they are legally bound to respect the minimum work process. The Union of PTT of Serbia, among other things, requires the return of earnings to the level before October 28, 2014, the abolition of the Regulation on the prohibition of public sector employment, respect for the law and the collective agreement for PE “Post of Serbia”, annulment of the decision for the removal of paid leave days and the ways of using annual leaves. It also requires the resolution of the status and raising of labour costs for workers who work under a contract of temporary work.The director of the “Post of Serbia” and the Union of PTT of Serbia representatives have showed how to properly lead the social dialogue between employees and employers, opting for a process of peaceful settlement of the collective labour dispute. In accordance with the recommendation of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the enterprises which are funded by public are to resolve labour disputes before the Agency in order to reduce the cost of procedures.