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“Mobbing Roundtable - How to find a Solution”

28. 10. 2019.

On Friday, October 25, at 10am, the Agency had a roundtable discussion on “Mobbing - how to find a solution” in the hall of the 3A at Belgrade Fair, at the stand of the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs. The roundtable discussion was attended by Deputy Director of the Agency, Ivica Lazović and conciliators and arbitrators, Dejana Spasojevic Ivančić and Vera Kondić. The attendees were introduced to the emerging forms of mobbing in practice and the legal possibilities to overcome it in the Republic of Serbia. They talked about the advantages and disadvantages of all forms of legal protection against abuse at work and how to find the best solution. All the advantages of the procedure before the Agency following the amendment of the Law on Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes with regard to Discrimination and Abuse at Work were particularly emphasized. It was also emphasized that these changes contributed to a more efficient and sustainable resolution of procedures related to abuse. Attendees were also presented the SOS Mobbing Agency’s telephone service at 0800-300-601 and the features it offers. The attendees had numerous questions, so the roundtable on “Mobbing - How to Reach a Solution” ended with a conversation and interaction of all participants.