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Peacefully resolved individual labour disputes of employees in education in Gornji Milanovac

22. 07. 2020.

In Gornji Milanovac, with the adoption of arbitration decisions in the elementary school "Sveti Sava", all individual procedures regarding the long-term dispute over the payment of compensation for the costs of arrival and departure from work were successfully completed.

Proposals for peaceful resolution of individual labour disputes were submitted to the Republic agency for peaceful settlement of labour disputes on the occasion of determining the right to payment of compensation for arrival and departure from several schools in Gornji Milanovac, including the Economics and trade school "Knjaz Milos", Technical School "Jovan Zujovic", elementary school "Kralj Aleksandar I", elementary school "Momcilo Nastasijevic" and elementary school "Sveti Sava".

The employees and the employer agreed that these procedures should be resolved peacefully, and they were successfully resolved before the Agency in several joint proceedings in the previous period.

In this way, unnecessary court and other costs for both the employer and the employees have been avoided. Employees in education and their management in Gornji Milanovac have given a good example of socially responsible behavior where individual labour disputes are resolved amicably, and not in expensive court proceedings.