Presentation of opportunities for protection of rights before the Agency

09. 12. 2022.

The Republic Agency for Peaceful Resolution of Labor Disputes presented its work upon an invitation from the Association of Trade Unions of Serbia at the meeting held by the union from December 7 to 9 on the Divcibare mountain. The Agency was represented by the Director, Dr. Ivica Lazović, who presented the Agency, while Mira Basta addressed the audience representing the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs.

At the meeting, representatives of trade unions, over sixty in all, from different branches and local self-governments of the Republic Serbia, could learn first-hand about the Agency operations so far and benefits provided by the peaceful settlement of labor disputes.

In addition to the representatives Agencies and Ministries, the participants were addressed by Peter Milovanović, president of the Association of Trade Unions of Serbia, as well as by other trade union representatives from different branches under the umbrella of this union.