Presentation of opportunities for the protection of rights before the Agency

08. 06. 2022.

The Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labor Disputes presented its work at the invitation of the Trade Union of Nurses and Technicians of Serbia (SMSTS) at a meeting organized by this union in Kladovo from 6-8 June. On behalf of the Agency, the Agency Director, Dr. Ivica Lazović presented the Agency. He was accompanied with Prof. Dr. Bojan Urdarević and Danijela Koštan Kovačević, the Agency arbitrators and conciliators, who took part, as well.

At the gathering, trade union representatives of nurses and technicians were able to learn firsthand about the work of the Agency so far and the benefits provided by the peaceful settlement of labor disputes.

In addition to representatives of the Agency, Radica Ilić, president of the trade union, and Slađana Đukić, assistant to the Minister of Health from the Health Insurance Sector, also spoke at the meeting.