Procedure at "Aptiv Mobility Services doo Novi Sad" has ended in signing common recommendations on dispute settlement

23. 06. 2023.

The Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labor Disputes mediated in resolution of a labor dispute at the “Aptiv Mobility Services doo Novi Sad" where rights to get organized and operate as a trade union were challenged by the employer. This case was initiated upon proposal for peaceful settlement of labor disputes by the Industrial Trade Union of Serbia, and the employer "Aptiv Mobility Services doo Novi Sad" agreed to resolve it peacefully before the Agency. Olga Vučković Kićanović was appointed the acting conciliator. At the first hearing, she set up a Conciliation Board composed of representatives of the parties to the dispute and the acting conciliator. After two hearings, common recommendation was adopted and an agreement reached on how to resolve the disputed issues. All parties to the proceedings unanimously adopted the proposed Agreement. In this way, representatives of the employer and trade union in "Aptiv Mobility Services doo Novi Sad", gave yet another example on how to conduct social dialogue successfully, having opted for the procedure of peaceful settlement of a collective labor dispute in accordance with the Recommendation of the Governments of the Republic of Serbia to resolve labor disputes by institutional mechanisms, which was published in the "Official Gazette RS " No. 67/15.