Procedure at the Ćuprija General Hospital ended with signing of a joint Recommendation on the dispute settlement

10. 03. 2023.

The collective labor dispute at the General Hospital in Ćuprija regarding the collective agreement application with the employer was resolved amicably with the help of the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labor Disputes.

This procedure was initiated after the proposal for the initiation of a procedure for the peaceful settlement of a collective labor dispute by the "Sloga" United Trade Unions of Serbia - the health and social care union, and the employer, i.e. the General Hospital in Ćuprija also agreed that the procedure should be resolved peacefully before the Agency.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Antić was appointed the acting conciliator. At the first hearing, he set up the Conciliation Committee which included representatives of the parties to the dispute and the acting conciliator. After three hearings, a joint recommendation was agreed on recommending the way to resolve the disputed issue. All parties to the proceedings unanimously adopted the proposed Recommendation. According to the law, if the subject of the dispute is a collective agreement, the recommendation becomes the basis for concluding, amending and/or supplementing the collective agreement.

In this way, in the General Hospital in Ćuprija, the representatives of the employer and the trade union gave another example of how social dialogue could be successfully conducted, deciding on the procedure for the peaceful settlement of a collective labor dispute in accordance with the instructions of the Government of the Republic of Serbia that labor disputes be resolved through institutional mechanisms.