Procedure at the „Kragujevac“ Emergency Medicine Institute ended with conciliator’s recommendation

09. 07. 2021.

At the „Kragujevac“ Emergency Medicine Institute peaceful resolution of a collective labor dispute ensued after the right to recognize representativeness of the trade union was questionedby the employer. The case was raised upon advice of the “Sloga” Association of Serbian Trade Unions – Trade Union of Health and Social Services. The assigned conciliator, Dr Aleksandar Antić, passed a recommendation on the way to resolve the collective dispute.

The conciliator set up a Conciliation Panel composed of representatives of parties in dispute,in line with the law. After two hearings mediated by the Republic Agency for Peaceful Resolution of Labor Disputes, the parties, management and trade union still failed to agree on the common recommendation to resolve the collective dispute. Upon request of the trade union, the conciliator advised to continue the process of recognition of the trade union representativeness by the employer according to the law and resolve all disputed issues peacefully through social dialogue.

At the „Kragujevac“ Emergency Medicine Institute the trade union and management once again gave an example of good practice on how to resolve labor disputes peacefully. Let us remind you that in late 2020 in this Institute over 170 individual disputes on how remuneration was paid were peacefully resolved in the procedure before the Republic Agency for Peaceful Resolution of Labor Disputes.Opting to resolve their disputes peacefully, the staff and management of the„Kragujevac“ Emergency Medicine Institute show their social responsibility in line with the Government recommendation that beneficiaries of public funds should resolve their disputes peacefully in order to reduce budgetary expenses in these procedures.