Procedure at the Vinča Nuclear Science Institute concluded by conciliator’s recommendation

20. 10. 2022.

The Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labor Disputes mediated in a case of collective labor dispute at the Vinča Nuclear Science Institute in Belgrade and resolved it by adoption of the conciliator’s recommendation. The collective labor dispute on the conclusion of a collective agreement was initiated by the joint proposal of the Vinča Nuclear Science Institute and two trade unions, the Vinča SSSS INN and the Vinča "Nezavisnost" (Independence).

Following provisions of the law at the first hearing the acting conciliator, Dr Alexander Antić, set up the Conciliation Committee composed of the conciliator as the chair and representatives of all parties in dispute. After three hearings, the parties in dispute brought their positions closer but still failed to fully agree on all disputed issues. Accordingly, and upon request of the parties in dispute, the conciliator presented a recommendation on how to resolve the collective labor dispute.

Having opted for the peaceful settlement of the collective labor dispute, both the employer and trade union organizations have shown how a social dialogue of the parties can result in a proper solution in line with the recommendation of the Government of the Republic Serbia to resolve disputes amicably.