Procedure in “Elmont” d.o.o. Niš ended with the Agreement signing

21. 04. 2022.

Through the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labor Disputes, the collective labor dispute in the “Elmont” d.o.o. company was resolved by an agreement. Nis. The dispute was initiated by the “Elmont” d.o.o. Niš trade union organization on the issue of exercising the right to determine the representativeness of the union with the employer.

Prof. Dr. Goran Obradović was the appointed mediator and he set up the Conciliation Committee at the first hearing to include representatives of the parties to the dispute and the acting conciliator. Representatives of the employer “Elmont” d.o.o. Niš and the trade union organization “Elmont” d.o.o. Niš signed a joint agreement on the peaceful settlement of labor disputes, by which they agreed on all disputed issues.

In this way, in “Elmont” d.o.o. Niš representatives of employers and trade unions gave another example of how to successfully conduct social dialogue, deciding on a procedure for peaceful settlement of this collective labor dispute.