Reaching the new collective agreement through the procedure before the Agency

14. 07. 2022.

On 12 July 2022, the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labor Disputes signed an Agreement on peaceful settlement of a collective labor dispute at the Municipality of Lucani, after which the Collective Agreement for employees in the bodies of the Municipality of Lucani was concluded.

The procedure before the Agency was initiated by the employer, the Municipality of Lučani, and the Basic Trade Union Organization of the Municipality of Lučani, the subject of the dispute being the conclusion of a collective agreement with the employer. Milica Radivojević, a lawyer from Ivanjica and a conciliator and arbitrator of the Agency since its inception, served as the acting conciliator.

At the first hearing, the Conciliation Committee was formed, in accordance with the Law. After six sessions, a Recommendation and Agreement on the manner in which to resolve the collective labor dispute was adopted, but a consensus was reached on all the points and contents of the new collective agreement, so that the agreed text was signed by Milivoj Dolović, Mayor of Lučani, and Dragan Jovičić, president of the basic organizations of the trade union of the administrative bodies of Lucani.

The representatives of the local self-government – the Municipality of Lučani and the basic organization of trade unions of administrative bodies – have illustrated how to conduct social dialogue between employees and employers in the proper manner, deciding on the procedure for the peaceful settlement of collective labor disputes, and in accordance with the recommendation of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, i.e., resolving these disputes by institutional mechanisms.