Recommendation in the procedure conducted at „Infostan tehnologije“ Public Utility Company

06. 08. 2021.

At the „Infostan tehnologije“ PUC in Belgrade, in the procedure of peaceful resolution of a labor dispute relating to the right to organize and act through a trade union initiated upon proposal of the “Sloga” Trade Union at the „Infostan tehnologije“ PUC, Slađana Andrić, the assigned conciliator, passed a recommendation on how to resolve the collective labor dispute.

The conciliator set up a Conciliation Panel, according to the law, which is made up of representatives of parties in dispute. The procedure was mediated by the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labor Disputes. The management and trade union held opposing positions on the issue at hand. After two hearings and summation of proposals on how to overcome the current situation,the parties asked the conciliator to recommend a possible resolution. The conciliator advised to examine and reconsider claims of the trade union and resolve the disputed issue peacefully through continued dialogue.

The procedure before the Agency was conducted over the right to organize and act through a trade union, which is, inter alia, granted by article 206 of the Labor Law. The parties in dispute are given the opportunity to reach a mutually acceptable solution through direct dialogue taking into account common interests.