Recommendation in the procedure in "FCC Kikinda"

04. 03. 2022.

In the procedure of peaceful settlement of a collective labor dispute on the occasion of concluding a collective agreement with the employer "FCC Kikinda", which was initiated at the suggestion of the "FCC Industrial Union", Nada Crnja, the assigned conciliator, made a recommendation on how to resolve the collective labor dispute.

The conciliator set up a Conciliation Board in accordance with the law, which included the parties to the dispute. With the mediation of the Republic Agency for the Peaceful Settlement of Labor Disputes, the parties to the dispute, the management and the trade union, had one hearing session on the dispute arising in connection with the conclusion of a collective agreement with the employer.

However, there was no consensus between the parties in dispute, but the employer pointed out that he wanted to continue the procedure through social dialogue with the union, and the conciliator was asked to propose a recommendation in accordance with the Law on Peaceful Settlement of Labor Disputes. Based on the above, the conciliator gave a recommendation to the parties to the dispute.