Strike of the Independent Union of Postal Workers ended

24. 06. 2016.

On 24th June 2016, the Independent Union of Postal Workers of the Serbian Post Office Public Enterprise, made a decision to withdraw from the strike which started on 21st June 2016. The strike demands regarded an increase and payment of earnings from profit, a change of legal and labour status of individual employees, ensuring the optimal number of employees, solving housing needs and certain job cuts.Bearing in mind that the main business of the said public company is in the public interest and in accordance with the law governing the entitlement to strike, the proceedings for resolving a collective labour dispute amicably was initiated ex officio before the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes. The proceeding was led by the conciliator of the Agency, Srđan Dobrica.The Conciliation Committee, chaired by the conciliator, comprised of representatives of trade unions and the management, discussed all the issues. In a constructive atmosphere and full confidence in the outcome of the proceedings and after only a single meeting, the union issued a decision on withdrawal from the strike and cancellation of previously scheduled public gatherings. This is an example of good practice, which shows a number of advantages of the Institute of peaceful settlement of the collective labour disputes before the Agency, and above all, saving time and money, considering that the procedure is free for all participants.