The City of Novi Pazar and "Nezavisnost" GSPRS reached an agreement on the settlement of the collective labor dispute

30. 11. 2022.

Facilitated by the mediation of the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labor Disputes, a joint recommendation on peaceful resolution of a collective labor dispute regarding the application of the special collective agreement for employees in primary, secondary and preschool institutions on the territory of the City of Novi Pazar was signed.

The procedure before the Agency was initiated upon the initiative of "Independence" GSPRS (Branch Union of Educators of Serbia) and in connection with the calculation and payment of compensation for the expenses for commuting to and from work for employees in primary, secondary schools and preschool institutions in accordance with the special collective agreements.

The City of Novi Pazar agreed to participate in the process of peaceful settlement of the labor dispute, and Mr. Nihat Biševac, the Mayor of the City of Novi Pazar, took an active role in the discussions. With their involvement and contribution, the representatives of the local self-government showed understanding for the dispute that arose and expressed their full commitment to resolving it peacefully.

Dejana Spasojević Ivančić, conciliator and arbitrator of the Agency, was the appointed acting conciliator. At the first hearing the Conciliation Board was set up, in accordance with the Law, and included, in addition to the conciliator, representatives of the parties to the dispute, Srđan Slović, the president of the "Nezavisnost" GSPRS for the union and Ulfeta Demčović for the city administration for the proper and delegated affairs of the City of Novi Pazar.

After three hearings, the parties to the dispute reached an agreement on the way to resolve the dispute, namely that the price of the commuting ticket will be determined based on the actual prices of public transport providers, depending on the zone, which are precisely determined at the City of Novi Pazar.

Based on the agreement reached, on November 30, 2022, the Recommendation on how to resolve the collective labor dispute was signed at the Agency premises, and the Agreement was initialed and forwarded to the Mayor of the City of Novi Pazar to sign it off.

Representatives of the "Nezavisnost" GSPRS and the City of Novi Pazar showed once again how the social dialogue between employees and employers is conducted properly, deciding on the procedure for peaceful resolution of the collective labor dispute, and in accordance with the recommendation of the Government of the Republic of Serbia to settle these disputes by institutional mechanisms.