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The first interactive seminar in 2019

12. 04. 2019.

The first interactive seminar for conciliators and arbiters in 2019 addressing the topic “Individual labour disputes in practice” took place on April 12 in Belgrade.

The interactive seminar event was opened by Bojana Stanić, State Secretary at the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, emphasizing the contribution of the regulatory amendments to the improvement of the condition in this area.

Zdenka Burzan, Director of the Agency for the Amicable Settlement of Labour Disputes of Montenegro and Director of the National Agency for Amicable Settlement of Labour Disputes, Mile Radivojević, spoke about regional cooperation, and the lecture on the topic “Practice of the Supreme Court of Labour in the field of labour disputes” was delivered by the judge of the Supreme Court of Cassation in Belgrade, Predrag Trifunović. The second topic addressed at the panel was amicable settlement of labour disputes in practice, where the conciliator and arbiter, Verica Hrnčjar and Dejana Spasojević presented their experience to the attendees.

The third panel was dedicated to the conflict resolution skills discussed by Milica Jovanović, a consultant and expert for personal and professional development.

The last panel of the First Interactive Seminar of Conciliators and Arbiters was dedicated to amicable settlement of labour disputes in Montenegro, as well as to current amendments to the Law on the Amicable Settlement of Labour Disputes of Montenegro, presented by Vesna Simovic – Zvicer, PhD.

The seminar was organized to ensure further professional development of conciliators and arbiters in the field of individual labour disputes and had special importance because it enabled a direct exchange of relevant experiences and examples of good practice.