The first interactive seminar in the year 2017

11. 03. 2017.

The first interactive seminar for mediators and arbiters of the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour disputes in 2017, within the framework of the Special Programme for the Training of Mediators and Arbiters, was held on 10 March 2017, starting at 10 a.m. in Belgrade at the Palace of Serbia.The Seminar was organized for the purpose of professional development of conciliators and arbiters in the field of discrimination and maltreatment at work as an essential prerequisite for the efficient functioning of legal and labour related protection.After the introductory speech of the Director of the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes, Mile Radivojević and the Deputy Director Ivica Lazović, mediators and arbiters were informed on the most common difficulties in the processing of mobbing in the judicial practice, which was discussed by Radmila Radić, a president of the Trial Civil Department of the Higher Court in Belgrade. A lecture on the theme ‘’How to Recognize Mobbing’’ was held by Olga Vučković Kićanović from the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes, followed by a discussion on the subject. After this, Dr. Marjana Trkulja from the Ambulance for Mobbing and Stress at Work of the Serbian Institute of Occupational Health talked about psychological and health consequences of maltreatment at work and cases of mobbing in medical practice. The seminar ended with a targeted interactive interview in which the present arbitrators shared their own practical experiences in procedures related to maltreatment and discrimination at work and the practical possibilities of an amicable settlements of such disputes. Prof.Dr Živko Kulić, Dejan Spasojević Ivančić and Igor Kokanović shared their experiences with the objective of further work improvement and harmonization of the practice.