The first interactive training for conciliators and arbitrators in 2022

22. 03. 2022.

The first interactive training for conciliators and arbitrators in 2022 was held on March 22. At the opening of the training, a plaque was awarded for the contribution to the development of the legal concept of peaceful settlement of labor disputes to the line minister, Prof. Dr. Darija Kisić.

Prof. Dr. Kisić congratulated the conciliators and arbitrators on their success in their work so far, stating that everyone benefited from their work, from employees and employers to the entire society and the state. The Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans' and Social Affairs supported the idea of expanding the network of conciliators and arbitrators throughout the Republic of Serbia and expressed satisfaction that we now have a total of 92 conciliators and arbitrators, many of whom were elected to cities where they had never been present before.

The Agency Director, Dr. Ivica Lazović, thanked Minister Kisić and the Ministry for their support to the Agency and their contribution to promoting the peaceful settlement of labor disputes. He added that the Ministry has included the Agency in the development of a set of new regulations that are being drafted, which further promotes this concept.

In the continuation of the training conciliators and arbitrators, the techniques and tactics of negotiation were presented by prof. Dr. Senad Jašarević from the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad. Then, the national coordinator of the International Labor Organization, Mr. Jovan Protić, informed the audience about the activities of this organization. After the first session, the panel discussion on judicial practice in the field of labor disputes was led by judges Dr. Bojan Božović and Vesna Dušić from Novi Sad, as well as Mila Lazić from Kragujevac. Prof. Dr. Vera Despotović, educator and mediator herself, spoke about mediation skills.