The procedure at "Surčin" PE regarding the right to set up a trade union ended with a recommendation

28. 10. 2022.

With the help of the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labor Disputes, the collective labor dispute at "Surčin" Public Enterprise was resolved by adopting the conciliator's recommendation, which was voted for by all the members of the Conciliation Board. The collective labor dispute, the subject matter of which is the right to union organization and action, was initiated at the proposal of the "Surčin" PE Free Trade Union.

At the first hearing and in accordance with the law Emila Spasojević, the acting conciliator, set up a Conciliation Board composed of the conciliator as the chairperson and representatives of all parties to the dispute. After two hearings, the parties to the dispute agreed on a joint recommendation, which was put to a vote and adopted. In accordance with the result of the vote, and upon the request of the parties to the dispute, the conciliator made a recommendation on how to resolve the collective labor dispute.

The employer and the trade union organization agreed to provide appropriate conditions for the trade union's activities, primarily technical and spatial as well as access to information necessary for trade union operations. They also agreed that all future disputes would be resolved peacefully and through social dialogue.