The procedure at the "Beograd" MTC has ended by recommendation

27. 01. 2023.

The Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labor Disputes mediated in the resolution of a collective labor dispute at the "Beograd" Metropolitan Transport Company (MTC), a public utility company, which has ended by a conciliator’s recommendation. The collective labor dispute on the right to the trade union organizing and action was launched upon proposal of the "Sloga" MTC union, being a part of the "Sloga" United Branch Union as an umbrella organization.

At the first hearing, following the letter of the law the acting conciliator, Predrag Plavkić, set up the conciliation board with himself as the chairperson and representatives of all parties to the dispute. After four hearings, the parties to the dispute failed to reach a common recommendation, but they presented a series of proposals to overcome the situation, and at the request of the parties to the dispute, the conciliator made a recommendation on how to resolve the collective labor dispute.

The employer and the trade union established a successful dialogue and tensions were reduced in order to find a compromise solution acceptable to both parties. It was recommended to continue the communication and resolve all future disputed issues peacefully through social dialogue.