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26 Feb

Through the mediation of the Agency for peaceful settlement of labour disputes, after a two-week work stoppage, the employees of ‘’Niskogradnja’’ d.o.o. terminated the strike and continued regular winter road maintenance. Three unpaid wages were the cause of this strike.According to the Law on amicable resolution of labour disputes, the Director of the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes Mile Radivojević has initiated the conciliation procedure that was conducted in a constructive atmosphere and resulted in a Recommendation adopted by the representatives of trade union organization and the employer.Consequently, the Agreement on strike termination was signed stipulating the payment of unpaid wages for December of 2014, strike termination and normalization of work process. The schedule for payment of the remaining debt was specified, as well. The President of Strike board and management of Niskogradnja d.o.o. Niš have expressed their satisfaction regarding the pace at which the agreement was reached, work process was normalized and strike requests were fulfilled.The procedure before the Agency for peaceful settlement of labour disputes was administered by Goran Obradović PhD, full professor at the Faculty of Law in Niš, who is entered into the Agency List of conciliators and arbiters.

26 Dec

The First Interactive Seminar for conciliators and arbiters was planned as the part of Strategy for performance improvement of the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes. The seminar was held on December 26th at 10 a.m. at MP Club, Tolstojeva 2 in Belgrade.The seminar is organised with the aim of professional development of conciliators and arbiters which is the basic condition for efficient protection of labour rights and improvement of social dialogue.Within the collective disputes, the focus was on strengthening of bargaining techniques and skills that are very important for successful social dialogue. Regarding the individual disputes, the emphasis was on mobbing as the most numerous individual dispute. Seminar ended with the panel discussion that included all participants.[gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="993,992,991,989"]Aleksandar Vulin, Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Mile Radivojević, Director of the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes and the guests, Zdenka Burzan and Borislav Radić, directors of the agencies for peaceful settlement of labour disputes in Montenegro and the Republic of Srpska, as well as Jovan Protić, national coordinator of International Labour Organisation in Serbia addressed the audience in introductory part of the Seminar.The seminar lecturers were Živko Kulić Ph.D., conciliator and arbiter that gave lecture on ‘’Collective labour disputes’’, Dejana Spasojević Ivančić, conciliator and arbiter who presented the topic of ‘’Individual labour disputes’’ and Olga Kićanović, independent advisor in the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes contributed to the Seminar with ‘’Identification, prevention, processing and sanctioning of mobbing’’ and ‘’Skills and techniques of bargaining during social dialogue’’. Regional guests shared their experience regarding the aforementioned topics with conciliators and arbiters.

29 Nov

Through the mediation of the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes, the staff of the division Sleeping and Dining Car, which is a part of the company Želturs, last night removed a partial blockade from international trains operating on the route Budapest, Thessaloniki, Filah, Bar, Sofia. This has fully normalised the traffic after 25 days.Since 17 November, when the management of Želturs and Sleeping and Dining Car division and all trade unions asked the Agency to use its authority and assist in the resolution of the presented problems, the Agency conciliator, professor Zoran Radulović, in continuous consultations with parties to the dispute, has proposed several solutions for the resolution of this very complex situation. Placing full trust in the favourable outcome, the strikers removed a partial blockade from railway lines and rail traffic of which they informed the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour disputes.“A considerable progress has been made in negotiations and international rail traffic has been normalised after 25 days of partial blockades that resulted in huge losses to the Republic of Serbia “, Mile Radivojević, Acting Director of the Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes said and added that in the coming days, the negotiations about strikers’ demands will continue.

20 Oct

The Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes reacted urgently and terminated the strike in PE ‘’National Park Djerdap’’Within the limits of its competence, the Agency reacted to the announced strike scheduled for November 18th, thus achieving the agreement on strike termination and involvement of Agency regarding the relieving of caseload pressure, for the purpose of stabilization of disrupted relations between the management and the employees.Association of independent and free trade unions and representative trade union have reached the Decision on strike initiation in order to protect professional and economic interests of the employees.After being informed on strike announcement, the Agency Director Mile Radivojević visited PE ‘’National Park Djerdap’’ together with his associates. Upon the discussion that lasted several hours, an agreement is reached to terminate the strike for the purpose of permanent stabilization of relations. The negotiation proceedings regarding the collective agreement conclusion were brought before the Agency.Since the reason for strike was dissatisfaction of the employees in terms of management treatment, which, according to the strike board, resulted in mobbing, discrimination, intimidation and other forms of insults to personal and professional integrity, 26 Proposals for settlements of individual labour disputes regarding the harassment at the workplace have been filed with the Agency.According to the Law on amicable resolution of labour disputes (‘’Official Gazette of the RS’’ 125/04 and 104/09), the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes continues to act according to the limits of its competencies.